As our rubber technology has advanced to include a wider range of sponge treatments, pimple geometries, topsheet specifications, and more, JOOLA’s product development team no longer feels that the previous method of denoting rubber hardness solely by sponge density provides an accurate representation of our rubbers. We provide a more comprehensive explanation and rating chart below.

PremiumDynaryz ACC10107.510.5Medium+Hyper BounceAdvanced
PremiumDynaryz AGR11105.58HardHyper BounceAdvanced
PremiumDynaryz ZGR1010.57.510HardHyper BounceHyper
PremiumDynaryz CMD8108.510.5MediumHyper BounceAdvanced
ProfessionalRhyzen ZGR8.51178.5Hard+BalanceHyper
ProfessionalRhyzen CMD68.57.58MediumBalanceEnhanced
ProfessionalGolden Tango71168HardBalanceUltra
ProfessionalRhyzer Pro 458.5979Medium+MomentumAdvanced
ProfessionalGolden Tango PS8107.58.5HardMomentumUltra
ProfessionalRhyzer Pro 509.593.57HardMomentumAdvanced
ProfessionalRhyzer 436.59109.5Medium+TensityAdvanced
ProfessionalRhyzer 488.597.59Medium+TensityAdvanced
PerformanceRhyzm Tech6.57.588MediumTensityAdvanced
PerformanceRhyzm 3754.
PerformanceX-Plode Sensitive4.57.588.5SoftMomentumEnhanced
PerformanceRhyzm 42567.57.58MediumMomentumEnhanced
PerformanceRhyzm P88.56.58Medium+MomentumAdvanced
PerformanceRhyzen Fire896.58.5Medium+MomentumEnhanced
PerformanceRhyzen Ice698.59Soft+MomentumEnhanced
PerformanceMaxxx P6.
PerformanceMaxxx 45077.57.57.5MediumTensityEnhanced
PerformanceMaxxx 5008.57.555Hard+TensityEnhanced
ProgressiveEnergy X-tra47.599SoftBalanceEnhanced
ProgressiveMambo H4777MediumBalanceEnhanced
PrecisionTango Ultra798.58.5SoftBalance
PrecisionExpress Ultra7.5988SoftBalance

Surface & Sponge Technologies

Enhanced Traction

Enhanced Traction Surface technology enhances dynamic friction between the ball and the rubber to allow players to deliver controlled hits and spins.

Ultra Traction

The tacky Ultra-Traction Surface allows you to play an extremely precise games. The sticky topsheet allows you to passively slow down the ball or use a strong stroke to create extreme spin.

Advanced Traction

The high-friction Advanced Traction Surface wraps and propels the ball from the rubber to generate significantly more friction upon ball contact, resulting in higher rotation and spin quality.

Hyper Traction

Ensure every shot comes through exactly as intended with our tackiest, most precise surface technology yet. Our barrier- breaking Hyper Traction Surface provides a vastly improved ability to maximize spin.

Balance Sponge

A small-pored sponge which captures equilibrium of spin, speed, and control, creating a superb balance of everything you need to step up the offense, or control the table.

Momentum Sponge

A medium-pored sponge that utilizes elastic potential energy to offer direct power and high-piercing force for longer trajectory shots.

Hyper Bounce Sponge

This ground-breaking sponge with medium+ pores has been engineered to possess massive amounts of potential energy, which is released upon ball contact to create explosive power for each and every attack.

Tensity Sponge

A large-pored sponge that utilizes its air pockets like a spring to harness and reflect elastic potential energy back into the ball to create a high catapult effect.


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