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JOOLA Nobilis PBO-C Table Tennis Blade


GST Included

  • Line: Premium
  • Plies: 3+2
  • Top Layer: Hinoki
  • Fiber: PBO-C (Outer)
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Top Layer & Fiber

Play like an elite athlete with the JOOLA Nobilis PBO-C! In this 3+2 ply blade design, the PBO-C, a synethic fiber used in auto-racing and aeronautics for its durability and elasticity, is placed in-between the Kiri core and the thicker 1.2mm Hinoki outer veneers. This construction gives the blade stability, elasticity and a lot of force, enabling very precise play even at high speed. This blade is great for close-to-the-table play. With its high-quality quality materials and well-thought-out design, the JOOLA Nobilis PBO-C will take your offensive game to the next level!

 JOOLA Premium Line blades uses the highest quality materials with an attention to craftsmanship. With composite materials made in Japan, handles sourced in Italy, and assembly completed in South Korea, what you get when you use one of our JOOLA Premium Line blades will thoroughly impress you!

3+2 Ply PBO-C Power-Up

3+2 ply blade of Hinoki – PBO-C – Kiri – PBO-C – Hinoki

PBO is a synthetic polymer used in race cars and aeronautics for its durability and high-elasticity. It is used in PBO-C to complement the hard CARBON, creating a larger sweet spot and a softer stroke feeling

The high-quality HINOKI outer veneers give the blade prolonged ball contact time and allow for the most extreme spin with high ball trajectories. 

Performance Ratings
The Blade of Choice for the Pros

When I began warming up with this combination during the practice session, I immediately sighed a breath of relief. This racket, paired with the harder [Rhyzer Pro 50] rubbers, finally embodied the exact speed, control, and spin that I had been looking for. The JOOLA Nobilis blade uses PBO-C Carbon technology, which gives the blade its fast/extreme speed. Furthermore, the construction of the blade allows for prolonged ball contact time, necessary to be able to control the ball with precision, even during high speed rallies.

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Flared, Penhold, Straight

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